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Our Story

Why Choose us? Here at HŎW 2 DESIGN, we provide you a one-stop renovation solution for you! With our in-house carpentry, we assure stronger support and better pricing for you! We also have background support from our associate partner, Ten Cent Solutions, who was awarded bizSAFE level 3 by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and TenWatt Engineering which a Building & Construction Authority (BCA) licensed contractor.

We are also a Nippon exclusive partner.

Coupled with a dedicated team, we are confident to bring the best service and create a dream home for you and your loved ones.


In-house Carpenter

With our in-house carpenter, we are able to cater and design more unique carpentry works specifically to your need and preference. Furthermore, we can easily ensure the quality and the workmanship of our carpentry work, thus, saving you the trouble. What's even better? We are able to give you the best price in the market.

In-house Lighting & Electrical Specialist

Lighting not only brighten up your house, it also creates mood and emotion to your home. With our in-house lightings designer and eletrical specialist, we are about to lay a strong foundation for your electrical wirings. We are also able to choose the most suitable lighting fixture, the right colour temperature, and best location to place your lights to maximize their effects. On top of that, we are more than willing to give you incredible discounts and vouchers.

In-house Painter

Sometimes the colours make all the difference. With our in-house painter, we’ll be able to transform and set the right mood for you. We are a Nippon exclusive partner. After strict assessments of our impeccable track record, delightful workmanship and our persistence in using only high quality products in their work, we are also dubbed Nippon Paint Designers of Choice.

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